Freelancing With Website

Freelancing With Website

What I will learn?

  • How to create website from scratch
  • How to make money through website creation

Course Curriculum

Need To Know
Dive into all the necessary information essential for navigating the freelance landscape effectively.

  • What Is Web Design & Development
  • How to follow the lessons
  • Internet uses for freelancing
  • Browser & Server details
  • Domain details
  • Hosting details
  • Theme details
  • Website details
  • Types & Parts of website
  • Website creation steps

Website with Code
Master the art of building websites from scratch, complete with coding techniques.

Website Creation (Starting)
Understand the fundamental principles behind crafting engaging and functional websites.

Website Creation (Sections)
Understand the sections of behind crafting engaging and functional websites.

Website Creation (Functions)
Explore the functionality aspect of website creation, ensuring your sites not only look great but also perform optimally.

5 Full Website Creation
Learn to develop various types of websites, catering to diverse client needs and industry standards.

Website Maintenance
Gain insights into the ongoing maintenance required to keep websites up-to-date and running smoothly.

Work Selection
Strategically choose freelance projects aligned with your skills and aspirations.

Sample Creation
Develop compelling samples to showcase your expertise and attract potential clients.

Access a curated collection of resources to enhance your freelance journey.

AI uses in Website
Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity.

Problem & Solution
Learn to troubleshoot common issues and provide effective solutions to client challenges.

Navigate popular freelance marketplaces, maximizing your visibility and opportunities.

Navigate the complexities of payment systems and ensure fair compensation for your freelance work.

Essential Skills
Hone essential skills such as communication, time management, and client management crucial for freelance success.

Final Guideline
Receive invaluable guidance to consolidate your learnings and embark on your freelance journey with confidence.

6,990.00৳  35,000.00৳ 

Material Includes

  • ‣ 76 Video lectures
  • ‣ Downloadable resources
  • ‣ Quizzes and assessments
  • ‣ Case studies
  • ‣ Live support


  • ‣ Access to a computer with internet connectivity
  • ‣ Willingness to learn and experiment

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to be a successful freelancer